How to enter

Deposit is 50% of entry fee
You will need, name email and mobile number for all entrants

Check out the availability of the qualifier you want to enter into to. For our main event, also see which semi-final you will qualify into should you qualify. Each qualifier has a letter next to it (A, B or C), this letter dictate whether it qualifies into Semi-Final A, Semi-Final B or Semi-Final C.

For the Shield and Singles events, the qualfiers go direct to our Final, so you do not need to choose your qualifier based on a semi final location.

  • Click the enter now button next to a venue, you will be taken to Catch, an app based Marketplace that is revolutionising the way we book onto lakes and now onto competitions.
  • Simply register on Catch, choose your venue, pay the deposit and you will be entered into BCAC 2024.
  • Final payments are due around 8 weeks before qualifiers fall.
  • You will then get a confirmation of entry sent to you by e mail.


If you fancy a crack at the team event (Main Event Only) you need to get 3 pairs, register them as a team, and you will collect points towards your team scores in the eliminators and semi finals that you fish. Team registration costs £150 per team and gives your company/organisation extra profile in the BCAC. The winners of the Team event get free Team Registration in the following years event.